Slow night? Instantly fill your seats.

Slow night? Instantly fill your seats.

Devour Hour is a website invented solely to help restaurants fill tables during slow times and maximize profits. Even the best restaurants can’t be full all the time; we are the solution to this problem. Devour Hour gives you the total flexibility to create whatever type of discount you would like on your terms, and a forum to disseminate these deals to a hungrily awaiting customer base. All this, completely free for you! Yes you read that correctly, we take no commission at all. We really just want to help you out.

1. Slow night? Post your deals any time.

If you know that certain nights are historically slow, or just realize that not all tables in your restaurant are going to fill up on a given night, log onto devour hour and make totally customizable discounts to get people into your restaurant.

2. Get online and customize your deals to post.

We have no minimum discount level, or other restrictions on what kind of deal you can offer. Whether you want to do a percentage off, dollar value, buy one/get one or whatever else you can think of we welcome it. Just log on and create as many deals as you would like.

3. Watch as those empty tables fill up.

Within minutes of posting customers will be flooding the gates. All you have to do is make sure you have enough seats to accommodate all this new business

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