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Diner FAQs

Yeah, yeah, we figured you might have a couple questions. Take a look and see if they're answered. If not, you can contact us at info@devourhour.com

  • Q. What is the best way to use Devour Hour?

    A. The best way to use Devour Hour is to look periodically throughout the day to see what new discounts are popping up. You want to be the first to these discounts since they come in extremely limited quantities. Go into your dashboard and add restaurants to your favorites in order to have emails sent when your favorite restaurants post new deals.

  • Q. When should I use Devour Hour?

    A. Every time you want to go out, hop on the site and search through all the deals. Don’t leave the house without using devour hour to eat. Why pay full price when you can take a huge bite out of the bill each and every meal.

  • Q. How can I earn free coupons?

    A. You can earn free coupons by referring friends to the site and by signing up restaurants to the site. Check out the promotions section of the site to learn how to never pay for a coupon again! (Posting to friends facebook walls and sending mass emails to everyone you know undoubtedly make you a hero your community)

  • Q. How do I go about redeeming my coupon?

    A. Once purchased you can either print, receive a confirmation email, or opt to only use your name to redeem coupons (name feature limited to restaurants who are cool enough to agree to this)