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How it works for the diner

Devour Hour presents a completely new way to search and grab deals at local restaurants. We don’t just offer a “daily deal” we give you the ability to search through all deals posted by every restaurant signed up for the site. This could mean thousands of different deals popping up throughout the day for you to search for and take advantage of.

1. Deals at restaurants are constantly popping up

Throughout the day, for both lunch and dinner, restaurants will post deals when they need to fill empty tables. We give you the tools to narrow your search and look for deals from your favorite restaurants, or places you have never been who are offering impressive deals.

2. Grab them up fast on the website

Before you go out to eat any meal, log onto the website and check for the best deals near you. Once you find one that sparks your interest, purchase the coupon and get ready to walk home with an unbearably heavy wallet. Remember the best deals are in limited quantities and go fast so if you like it, buy it. (Check our promotion section for tips on how to never pay for a deal).

3. Hurry and use your deal

Once purchased you can use the coupon by presenting the email confirmation on your phone, printing the coupon or just using your name and saying you are a Devour Hour member at restaurants that allow this feature. Remember to show up within the time parameters listed on the coupon. Then just sit down and enjoy a really great steal.

  • Are you a restaurant?

    I'm a restaurant!

    Devour Hour isn't just for diners. There are tons of benefits for restaurants with too! Great to fill seats and market your company to a wide variety of viewers at a low price. Just click here to learn more and sign up.

  • Want free deals?

    Yes! Learn & sign up

    All you have to do is sign up to Devour Hour and then under promotions, use the referral link to share with your friends! Everytime you friends sign up, you get free deal credits to use on your next purchase. Wow, its THAT easy!