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Restaurant FAQs

Yeah, yeah, we figured you might have a couple questions. Take a look and see if they're answered. If not, you can contact us at info@devourhour.com

  • Q. Why use Devour Hour over other sites?

    A. We don’t make you commit to an insane number of deals, or require you to post discounts at unbearably high rates. Devour Hour let’s you post when and how you want, with totally flexibility to set the terms of your own deal. We look at ourselves as a conduit to your success allowing you to post whatever level allows for sustainable profit generation.

  • Q. When is the best time to post discounts?

    A. The best time to post is early in the day. If there are nights when you know you generally don’t fill tables post as early as possible so that your coupon stands out and people will see it when browsing the site during the day. The earlier you post, the less coupons will be on the site competing with yours. Posting discounts for lunch is also a great way to drum up business.

  • Q. How do I increase my chances of filling tables?

    A. The best way to increase chances of filling tables is to post the biggest discounts. Big discounts stand out and a really good discount to your great restaurant is the best way to gain new business.

  • Q. How do diners redeem coupons in my restaurant?

    A. They will be allowed to show you a confirmation email, printed coupon or you can elect to participate in a feature that allows them to merely use their name and tell you that they purchased the coupon through Devour Hour.